2015 HANGCHA European Distributor Conference

Hangcha held its European Distributor Conference in Amsterdam on 16th January, 2015. There were 48 distributors from Europe at the conference.

The gathering was to help provide distributors with a better understanding of Hangcha, as well as for Hangcha to get an appreciation of the market.

The introduction of the company and its products during the conference allowed Hangcha and its distributors to further improve their interaction and communication and to further enhance the close collaboration between them.

During the conference, Hangcha launched two new products. The attractive appearance and excellent vehicle performance of these two new products marks a new direction, taking Hangcha products to a brand new level, competing with high-end brands from around the world.

Thorough the product introduction and on-site test demonstrations, these two products were rated highly and praised by distributors attending the conference. Hangcha distributors are now even more confident about their partnership with the Chinese manufacturer.