Moving Forward Upon the Pandemic ——Reporting on 2020 Hangcha New Comers

In this warm March, everything comes back to life, so does Hangcha back to its hustle and bustle. Look, the earth is covered by green leaves, and the new employees with great vigor and wonderful dreams are coming towards us. They range from the post-95s generation who just stepped out of college to the experienced post-80s and post-90s generation, whose attendance injects new drive into the company.

To help the new comers get well involved in the new environment and Hangcha, a training program combining with both theories and practices were customized, which included online and offline theories training, company tour, two-week hands-on training and one-to-one teacher to provide specific guidance and help.

The training began on March 9, 2020 and the opening ceremony was held that day. At the ceremony, George Zhang, General Manager Assistant of Hangcha Import and Export Co., Ltd. gave a wonderful lesson to the new comers. Founded in 1956, Hangcha enjoys 64 years history. Since the production of the first forklift truck in 1974, Hangcha had been committed to producing the world’s best forklifts and making handling easier! Today, Hangcha has become one of the world’s top eight forklift manufacturer, accounting for as much as 23% of the domestic sales, also being popular around the world. George Zhang has been in Hangcha for more than 20 years and witnessed its great changes. He said that it was the continuous efforts of Hangcha people from generation to generation that made today’s Hangcha. He hoped this new generation will continue to carry forward the spirit of “diligence & optimism” and create new miracles.


George Zhang with new employees at the opening ceremony


The first forklift made by Hangcha in 1974 still stands in the exhibition hall

The next morning, under the guidance of Wang Jianqi, director of manufacturing department, the new employees visited five plants that produce masts, assemble warehouse equipment, electric forklifts, special trucks and internal combustion forklifts. They listened carefully to the introduction of each branch and put forward questions from time to time, and then recorded. In the afternoon, they also visited Hengfan intelligent workshops, Hangcha exhibition hall and export warehouse. After a day of tour and learning, they not only had a more comprehensive understanding on Hangcha, but also impressed by the advanced air conveying lines, intelligent workshop, AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicle), intelligent welding robots and the great annual production capacity reaching to 200,000 units, which also help increase their confidence in the prospect of their personal career and the bright future of Hangcha.


Director Wang Jianqi showed the new employees around the factory


Experienced worker was teaching the new employees the forklift knowledge


AGV was delivering materials to designated place


Advanced air conveying line


Intelligent welding robots in Hengfan plant

In the coming two weeks, they will go to various assembly workshops for hands-on learning. We believe that after the systematic training, new employees will be able to better understand the company’s products, familiar with the work process, inherit the company culture, and quickly grow into a qualified “New Hangcha people”.

“A year’s plan starts with spring”, sowing in spring is for the autumn harvest. We believe that under the correct leadership of Hangcha Group and with the unity and hard work of the new and experienced Hangcha people, we will be able to overcome the difficulties, forge ahead, win the battle of the epidemic, and have a great harvest in the golden autumn.